Hy-Sun Biomedical Inc. is a U.S.A. biotechnology company committed to providing the highest quality healthcare products for those experiencing premature aging and those who s u f f e r f rom f i b romyalgia. They specialize i n developing and manufacturing high quality nutraceutical food supplements. All products were developed in collaboration with Dr. Samuel K. Yue, capitalizing on his experience and findings from many years of clinical research and observations.

Hy-Sun Biomedical Inc. 是一間美國生物科技研發公司,生產高質素的營養保健產品。 Hy-Sun專注於開發和製造高品質的營養保健食品,為一些出現提早老化和肌肉骨骼疼痛的人士減低痛楚。所

有Hy-Sun產品都是與Dr. Samuel K. Yue余啟宸醫生合作開發研究,根據Dr Sam從多年的臨床研究和觀察的經驗所得,從而調配出一系列營養保健產品。



Hy-Sun Biomedical Inc. researched and developed CirQ-Life. The concept of the

brand is “To Bring From Inner” that develops a formula of natural health supplement and anti-aging skin care product integrated with western and eastern technologies.

We hope that it can help to keep healthy vitality and against the aging problem.

Hy-Sun Biomedical Inc. is committed to develop more natural health and facial skin

care product series. This can reduce the negative impact of body from inner to outer for age prevention in order to have a vibrant and healthy life.

Hy-Sun Biomedical Inc. 研發CirQ-Life,CirQ-Life是以「由內而發」作為品牌理念,研創出中西合壁的抗衰老的營養保健食品和護膚品的配方。希望憑著研究成果助人們有良好的體魄,有助抗衰老,對抗歲月痕跡。

Hy-Sun Biomedical Inc. 將致力研發更多純天然的保健、以至美容產品系列,由內至外減輕年月對身體的不良影響,為每個人開拓更健康的活力人生。



Hy-Sun Biomedical Inc. has been established in the United States since 2009. The founder,Dr. Samuel K. Yue and Ms Heidi Chung are the specialists of anti-aging and diabetes. The brand, CirQ-Life, was innovated and introduced while the Company was established in 2009. It combined the eastern and western medical science theory to develop anti-aging skin care products and natural health supplement that used Colostrums Extract as the main ingredient.

Dr. Sam and Ms Heidi intend to create the brand on the basis of the spirit of love that hope the magic formula of CirQ-Life health products can lead to healthy life. “Key to Wellness”, as the purpose of the brand, tries to bring healthy products to the public for everyone.

在2009年,Hy-Sun Biomedical Inc. 於美國成立,創辦人為美國抗衰老及糖尿病專家余啟宸醫生 Dr. Samuel K. Yue和鍾海燕女士Ms Heidi Chung。於同年2009年亦創立了品牌CirQ-Life,由Dr. Sam 結合東、西方的醫學理論,以初乳提取物作為主要成份,研製出可有效抗衰老的美容及保健產品。Dr. Sam和Ms Heidi開發品牌的初衷是"本著愛己愛人的理念",希望藉由CirQ-Life產品的神奇配方打開健康之門 以"Key to Wellness "為宗旨,把健康生活帶給每一位,讓大眾都能獲得這產品的奧妙。



"I have never ever worn a bikini in the last 20 years. I would like to try it once. Just once is all

I need" Listening to the pleading of this young female pain patient and unbeknown to

Dr. Samuel K. Yue at the time, subsequent events would propel him into another important

area of life.

In the beginning this young female pain patient came to see Dr. Sam for her muscle related

pain problems. Once the pain had been relatively well controlled, the request for the "Bikini"

came suddenly. It turned out that this young lady suffered from skin eruptions and outbreaks

since her childhood. Her whole body was covered with silver skin eruptions and healed red

scars. Every summer she watched with envy how other young ladies would wear bikini and

flouted their bare skin on the beach.

This time, after several months of treatment with Dr. Sam, she noticed that not only had her

pain been greatly reduced, but her skin lesions over her entire body had also improved at

least 40%. Sensing that perhaps Dr. Sam could ever improve her skin condition further, she

made this "Bikini" request, desiring to fulfill one of her dream wishes.

Presented with a fresh request and a challenge outside of his medical specialty and wishing

to fulfill the lady's dream wish, Dr. Sam decided to try to solve the female patient's "bikini" request.

Little did he know that this would set him on a 20 year quest and challenge leading to

the birth of the CirQ-Life line of cosmetics, skin care and food supplements.

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